project 40 days

My name is Farid MAKHLOUF, I'm 45 years old, Electrician, I am divorced and i have one child. I practice skydiving, biking and am passionate about Nature.

My name is ALAZARD Pascal, I am 49, Landscape architect, married and have 3 children,i am a former paratrooper of the 9th RCP (Trained in Commando techniques), I practice walking and I am a big fan of Mother Nature.

We are Chairman and Vice Chairman of the association "40 days."

We both live in SAZE (Gard Departement) in a village of 1850 inhabitants located about ten kilometers from Avignon.

If we come to you, it's because we have a project we want to achieve.

Our departure is scheduled for the first August, for four days flights that will take us 17,000 Kms from home, destination Olorua Island.

Olorua is an island of 30,000 m² in the south Pacific 300 kilometers south east of Fiji and on which we will spend 40 Days and 40 Nights with no human interference.

The equipements that we will take are: 1 waterproof suitcase with 2 go pro, 2 cameras, 2 solar panels, two machetes, two knives, fishing line, hooks, a Satellite phone (to be used only in case of extreme emergency) and a first aid kit.

We will take no water no food.

Our Dr. Julie TESTUD here in Saze (France) will  help us prepare our first aid kit and  we can reach her, in case of emergency, through satellite phone.

It is a person from the clan of Komos who lives on the island of La Mothe (the closest island at 15 kms) who will take us by boat to Olorua, actually Olorua belongs to this same clan.

This same person will pick us up at the end of the journey 40 days later, or in the event of serious injury ...

Learn to adapt to the new environment in the medium term and go back to basics.

Our bet is to go to this island without food, without water, and live for 40 days with the only resources that the island itself will provide us.

We will film the best we can every day of our adventure, bring maximum quality images will also be a challenge ...

We want through the documentary and this great human adventure that we will achieve, to send a message to the modern world.

The documentary will mainly connect  the relationship between man, nature and the preservation of our environment.

Prove that we can live with a minimum or no comfort on an island with limited resources and that we can also learn to adapt for a medium term.

Prove that if you respect Mother Nature, it will feed you with its animals, plants and fish.

Our association aims to organize extraordinary journeys around the world, always in the form of documentary.


Gather and educate the human being to respect the environment.


                                                                        Farid, Pascal

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