On our returne



Produce and edit the film, add voiceover or subtitles (depending on the budget) in English, Spanish and Chinese.

The film will be on "Youtube" "Dailymotion" and if possible on several documentary channels.

To send our message around the world ...

Organize conferences in schools and colleges in France and Europe:

Conferencehall 1

After 40 days on the island and the two months total spent on the field, we wish to share our experiences through conferences and photo exhibitions, also watching and exchanging with students the documentary "40 days".

Bring real awareness to the new generation:

Educate them to live with "less", on the wasting of water, food, why it is Important to Recycle ...

The dangers of pollution and global warming ...

Objective: To realize that you can live "differently".





The end of the journey 40 days doesn't mean the end of our Association, but the beginning of another ADVENTURE ...

We have the idea for the next trip, going to meet communities living self-sufficiently and in harmony with their environment.

" But that is another story… "

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